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Ogham Engravings, The Tree Alphabet & The Celtic History

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The Ogham Alphabet

Are you considering buying one of our Ogham rings? We have the BEST Information EVER on the Ogham Alphabet and its impact on our modern-day Celtic jewellery in the UK.

The Ogham Alphabet is also known as 'the secret language of poets', or 'The Tree Alphabet' and became used in Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales, from about the 4th to the 7th century AD. Each letter, written onto a solid line that represents the trunk, is named after a tree or plant and accounts for a branch. It was usually written vertically from bottom to top in inscriptions, and horizontally in manuscripts. About 500 inscriptions have been found on standing stones in the U.K., although more commonly it would have been inscribed on wood.

The history of the Celts

Looking further back into what we know of the history of the Celts, they were a dysfunctional society somewhat distorted by time. They are portrayed nowadays in a romantic and almost fairytale existence, but this couldn't be further from the truth as historically they were a warring group that did not see themselves as an entire nation whatsoever but as individually split tribes. The Celts gradually moved into the UK over a period of four hundred years up to the year of one B.C. However they never really established a real leader or king but instead fought amongst themselves for dominance. The only invasion to speak of was due to the fantastic Celtic art that survives still and recreated accurately to this day.

Before the Romans invaded Britain, the Celtic culture was well established across the land. Their designs were seen everywhere around the country and still feature in today's modern society very heavily. People say that the iron age was the age of the Celts, but we can also conclude the Celts inspired the "golden age in jewellery" influencing modern designers to create Celtic wedding rings.

As previously stated, to say the Celts were a dysfunctional race was an understatement. Their only ties with one another's warring tribes was that of language and religion. Not only would they fight non-Celts but each other as well. They did, however, bring about the iron age to our shores which led to commerce and trade in Celtic artefacts. When the Celts introduced Iron to the British Isles, it revolutionised business during the Bronze age. Iron was plentiful and cheaper, therefore allowing settlements to develop new independence all of their own. The Celts played such an essential part in the development of Britain, and even today the culture is remembered in modern-day jewellery design.

About our Ogham rings

The Ogham jewellery on our site makes a perfect wedding ring for your special day that can be personalised just for you. Celtic jewellery is still very popular with many people, and we feature an extensive selection of gold Celtic wedding rings on our site. A Celtic diamond set ring makes the perfect choice for a Celtic engagement ring for her. A diamond is still the favourite choice for ladies above gemstones such as rubies, emeralds, and opals, and as the song says - Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend.?

The Celtic engravings and patterns worked into our range of Celtic wedding rings signify nature and duality and are related to the well-known Yin and Yang symbol. We know that the Celtic cross is one of the most familiar of all the Celtic symbols. Most of us at one time have visited Celtic Crosses on holiday in such places as Wales, Scotland and Ireland all of which have the Celtic history rooted deep in their past.

The personalised Ogham rings for men and women on our website are available in gold or titanium. Each unique Ogham ring is made individually for you, and you can decide what you want in Ogham on your ring, and we will translate for you, a perfect idea for your wedding.

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