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Frequently asked questions about our jewellery

Is postage included in the prices listed and if not which shipping methods do you use?

The checkout process will give you the option to choose your preferred Royal Mail delivery method at an extra cost to the listed prices. International customers should choose the International Signed service, while our customers based in the UK, have a choice of either Special Delivery or Recorded Delivery. While Recorded Delivery is a signed for service, we would recommend Special Delivery over this option as the Special Delivery service offers customers full compensation for any loss or negligence by the Royal Mail. We cannot be held responsible for loss or negligence of your order if you choose to use the Recorded Delivery option.

I think I have seen a similar piece of jewellery on another website - can you beat the price?

By all means, we will consider this. Please contact us, and we will advise further.

Can you tell me some more about your payment system?

We accept all major credit cards and guarantee our customers against fraud by using the World Pay credit card processing system. This system gives everyone that pays by credit card on this site total peace of mind. Please do feel free to contact World Pay if you have any concerns or questions over internet security. The site you are now in will accept international payments but only in GB Pounds Sterling. WE USE THE WORLDPAY SECURE CREDIT CARD AND PAYPAL TRANSACTION SYSTEM. We now also accept PAYPAL as an alternative to WORLDPAY.

Who are you and can you tell me a little more about yourselves?

We set up Love2Have in 2004. It has been arduous work (especially with search engines), but steadily the site has increased in popularity. We decided to sell only British made jewellery from our online jewellery store as we have discovered more and more talent in the UK is ignored. We now know we have made the right decision for us and our designers, who we work with very closely to bring you the jewellery that you are looking for.

Can the rings be resized?

Every ring is made to the exact size as specified by you, so please make sure that you have your finger measured by a professional jeweller. As in the case of titanium, it can be difficult to resize rings. Our resizing service for these rings allows us to up the size and downsize by one or two sizes on the plain rings. The diamond set and inlaid rings are more tricky to size, but in the past, we have skimmed them to upsize. Most of our other rings can be resized except for the gold inlaid, zirconium or custom-made rings. Resizes are usually subject to a charge which will depend upon the type of ring and the extent of the change. If your ring is impossible to resize we can only offer you the best deal resizing option whereby we will give you the best price possible to re-order from us. We know that other jewellers provide Ring sizing services online too, but cannot vouch for their accuracy. If you are unsure of your size before ordering, then please consider trying our online wedding ring sizer service first.

What do the different finishes look like?

Our titanium and zirconium rings are available in polished, satin and wire brushed finishes. Although these metals are tough, they will over time wear and also scratch. Shiny finishes will dull down slightly, and rough finishes will become gradually smoother over many years. Because the surface is so hard, what can appear to be a scratch is sometimes a deposit of another material that the ring has rubbed against, e.g., when worn next to a gold ring or a silver ring. It's all down to taste, but probably the best finish for long-term wear is a satin finish.

Regarding polished finishes all rings lose this eventually; however, we do offer all our customers an after-sales service should they require a refinish from time to time.

What is the difference between titanium and white gold?

The difference between titanium and white gold is that gold is a precious metal, titanium isn't. White gold is relatively soft compared to titanium and comes usually plated with rhodium so will wear over time and have to be re-coated. Titanium not only looks good when made into jewellery but it is tough and will stand up to wear and tear much better than precious metals, but is not entirely scratch resistant. Like any other metal it still needs looking after, and we recommend not to subject it to situations such as gardening or engineering, etc.

None of our rings come rhodium plated and none of the photograph's show rhodium plated rings. The images on the website are taken in natural daylight so any off-white colours can be difficult to represent which is why we also describe the rings for customers. We don't recommend rhodium plating because it hides the natural beauty of the 'white' gold and it wears off and needs to be re-plated regularly. The speed at which it wears depends on many factors such as handling coins, car keys or other materials that abrade the surface. It does rely on the person wearing the jewellery. White gold is an alloy of yellow gold and other metals which appear 'white'. However, 9ct has a slight yellowish grey tinge, and 18ct is greyish.

What packaging comes with the jewellery?

Whether the jewellery is for yourself or as a special gift for someone, all jewellery will arrive at your door with presentation boxes. Goods are posted out in plain packaging.

Can you make rings in US, EU and mm sizing leading edge?

Yes, we can, but please make sure that you have your finger accurately sized by a professional jeweller. We recommend that you do not rely on plastic ring sizers or those that you can download from the internet. Some of our wider models such as the stainless steel range require measurements to be done using a wide ring sizer. Ask your jeweller to use the widest one possible and take the measure from the centre. We also make some rings with a comfort fit which means sizing is taken from the leading edge of the ring-sizer rather than the centre. This situation applies for all our non-comfort fit rings also. All our rings are made leading edge measurement. Your jeweller will be able to advise you on all these issues, but it's always a good idea to ask about anything you are not sure of. If you are unsure then email us - we don't mind.

What is your returns policy?

Under UK law we have to adhere to stringent trading standards. Your jewellery arrives as specified and to the highest of quality. We want you to be happy with your rings especially, so if your ring is not as pictured and described, we will give you an exchange or your money back, no quibble. Custom made jewellery is non-returnable, as are earrings, because of hygiene reasons. If any of our jewellery is faulty, we will exchange or refund. Each item listed has its returns policy specified.

Which postage system do you use for international?

For UK deliveries we use Royal Mail Special Delivery, and for overseas we use Royal Mail International. Royal Mail International is a guaranteed and insured airmail delivery service from the UK. There is a tracking number provided on request. Average time taken for delivery is 7-14 days after posting. There is compensation for loss or non-delivery.

My Jewellery hasn't arrived yet, where is it?

Every item posted is sent via Royal Mail with a unique track and trace code which we can provide by request. If your item has not arrived within a few days after we have informed you of dispatch, please let us know. We will contact Royal Mail to find out if the item has been delivered and if not where it is. As everything is insured, we can claim the costs back once Royal Mail agrees that the item has gone missing in the post and have a replacement item sent to you. For the record, we have never had to claim for a Special Delivery.

How secure is the online credit card payment system you use?

We use WorldPay, one of the largest payment service providers in the world. We never see your credit card information; the transaction goes directly through their secure servers. You may have heard of the padlock icon that appears on some websites to reassure the internet buyer of online security in place - well once you have checked out from our site you will enter the Worldpay system which is entirely separate from our servers and displays the padlock icon. Please visit www.worldpay.co.uk for further information.

Do you take orders by phone?

Yes. Please call us on 01568 797723, and we will be happy to process the order over the phone. Please have your credit card details handy. Please leave a message if we don't answer the phone.

Can you do me a rush job?

We can usually accommodate rush jobs to provide jewellery for special occasions, but please do check with us first before ordering. For express delivery, there may be additional postage costs.

Why is the jewellery UK made only?

We believe that there are some great small independent designers in the UK and we want to promote their work. Some cheaply imported jewellery is of an inferior quality and does not meet the high standards of the handcrafted UK made jewellery that we supply.

Why don't you sell black titanium rings?

We have chosen not to sell black titanium rings as they do not live up to our high standards, as this effect is achieved as a result of coating the ring. We don't believe that black titanium will stand up to wear and tear, will scratch and will require refinishing. We strongly advise that you opt for black zirconium. Zirconium has similar properties to titanium and is a greyish white metal. When heated the surface of the metal forms a silky black coating which is very scratch resistant (but not totally) with a hardness equal to sapphire.

Can all the rings come in different widths?

Most of our rings can be made in various widths, particularly the plain rings or those with fine patterns. The patterned zirconium and titanium rings generally cannot be made narrower than 7mm, although they can be made wider the design will not cover the whole width of the ring. If you are unsure drop us a line or call us.

I live outside the UK and want to order with my credit card but only see UK Sterling on your website?

If you order from abroad, World Pay will convert the payment at the current rate of exchange through your credit card company.

Do you mind if I telephone you?

Not at all - within reasonable hours of course. If you get the answering machine, please leave your number, and we will call you straight back when we get the message.

Do you have a showroom or shop I can visit?

Sorry, we don't. We are an internet retailer only. As most of our jewellery is made to order, we do not have stocks on the premises. The jewellery we feature is from small UK designers who often display their work in art galleries or independent jewellers. The photography wherever possible on the website is of the items as they look in real life. We try to keep the images as realistic as possible, and everything is described per UK trading standards retail laws. In other words, if it were fake or not as described and pictured they would shut us down.

Can you be discrete as I have ordered a surprise gift for someone else?

If you do not want us to call you or email you because you are buying a surprise gift, just let us know in the comments box at checkout. Goods are posted out in plain packaging.

Are you on the lookout for other jewellery designers?

Yes - we will always consider new artists to feature on our website. Please send or email us your details and pictures of your jewellery.

Can the rings be engraved with a special message?

Yes, we offer an engraving service at an extra cost to the listed price. This service is for a single engraving on the inside of the ring, but it is also possible to engrave on the outside too. Please contact us first for this service for more information, and we do have an inner engraving listing set up already in the main navigation menu. If you are buying more than one item, please enter the quantity in the Qty. Box during the cart checkout process. You may specify your engraving requirements when you reach the comments box during the checkout process also.

For some reason, my card is being refused when ordering from you?

Occasionally overzealous security issues stop some customers purchasing due to shopping patterns not typically associated with your card. Just contact your card company about this, and they should lift the restriction for you.

Will your silver jewellery react with my skin?

Our silver jewellery is made from Sterling Silver which is pretty much the jewellery industry standard these days. Pure silver is too soft to use in jewellery, so sterling silver which is an alloy is used instead. Sterling silver is 92.5% silver mixed with either 7.5% copper or brass to give it strength.

It is a well-known fact that silver tarnishes eventually but with some people it happens faster than others. Sometimes it can occur within days, and sometimes it can take much longer, it's hard to predict. When silver comes into contact with the skin, it can tarnish (oxidise) because of the natural acids in the skin reacting to the metals in the silver. People's skin varies enormously and the natural acids produced can vary according to the time of year, month, diet and stress levels. Usually, it will stop after a short while, and the oxidisation will wear off by continued wearing.

Some manufacturers lacquer or varnish their silver jewellery to try and prevent or slow this process down, but eventually, the coatings will wear off, and the silver will be exposed to the acids in the skin.

Sometimes a green colour can occur, and this is as a result of the presence of copper in the sterling silver alloy. With continued wear, this should also lessen. The tarnish can be removed by polishing with a silver cloth or a liquid cleaner and with constant wear should diminish over time. We have written a further article on silver jewellery tarnishing in resources our section.

I know you don't rhodium plate your white gold but can you tell me a little more about rhodium plating?

White gold is an alloy of gold and various white metals such as silver and palladium which are added to the gold to change its colour.

White gold is not strictly white; it has a yellowish tint. To overcome this problem in the high street, most jewellers white gold is rhodium plated. We don't see white gold as a problem, and our jewellery comes in its natural white gold colour as it is supposed to look.

Rhodium is one of the platinum family of metals which is hard wearing and gives the item a much whiter appearance. Rhodium does wear off over a period, one to three years depending on wear but it can be re-plated as necessary.

Platinum, on the other hand, is a very pure white metal which will also keep its' colour and never need rhodium plating. Platinum is a very dense metal and will nearly be twice the weight of the same item in gold. The only downside is that it is twice the price of 18ct Gold.