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British made titanium wedding rings

The BEST! Quality gold or silver inlay titanium wedding rings made in the UK. Precious metal wedding rings such as 18ct gold or platinum can prove to be very expensive if you find that you are on a tight budget. The global economic downturn has meant that we are all having to save that little bit extra on expenses, but how do you save money on something like a wedding ring? Your wedding rings are an essential purchase and must, of course, be just right to your tastes, and we don't like to think that you need to compromise on quality, even if your budget is tight.

Titanium wedding rings

Gold wedding rings can be pricey

When searching for wedding rings the first thing couples look at are gold wedding rings. We all know how expensive gold is these days (especially 18ct) and while its price continues to fluctuate, we believe that one day it will rocket again to sky-high levels.

Wedding rings made of titanium and gold

However, there is no substitute for gold really, and a wedding isn't a wedding without a gold ring on your finger. If you have set your heart on gold, but your budget simply won't stretch to it then why not consider our titanium wedding rings, that is a titanium ring that comes inlaid with gold. What this means is a high-quality titanium band that has a central strip of gold inlaid into its surface.

We sell a huge amount of these styles of titanium wedding rings. They come in two profiles either flat or domed and can come in any width and finish. One of the nicest we think however is the wire brush finish, very contemporary. Incidentally, the gold also comes in differing widths, so again you can work with your desired budget.

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