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British made gold wedding rings

Gold wedding rings

The BEST British handmade gold wedding rings for men and women. Wedding rings don't just need to be the typically predictable designs you see on the high street. Here we have put together several very eye-catching and alternative designer rings including some diamond wedding rings made from 9ct white gold.

About our white gold wedding rings

Traditionally yellow gold has been the favourite choice for wedding rings, but there have been trends towards the use of white gold. As gold is yellow, to turn it white, it needs to be alloyed with other white metals to change its colour. White gold rings are often rhodium plated to make them look very shiny and white but beware, as this wears away, your ring will need re-plating from time to time depending on how heavy you are on your jewellery. Unless indicated all the white gold rings on our site are non-rhodium plated. Non-rhodium plating is much more natural looking, lower maintenance and will look good for many years.

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