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Our speed of light LASER engraving is better than engraving for jewellery done by hand

British made titanium rings

Traditionally personalised engraved jewellery and rings are carved by hand. The jeweller uses the specific handheld tools to cut in a handwritten script style. Technology has changed the world of jewellery engraving and introduced us to laser engraving in the last decade or so. A laser is known by its full title as Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation and best known for its use in science fiction films as the laser is a single beam of light.

Lasers are amazing

Its capabilities are compelling, from delicate surgery to the destruction of an object. When focused at the correct controlled amount it can cut into metals removing small sections. It is with these precise parameters that jewellery engraving has become a reality. Lasers can engrave all metals including titanium, which traditional jewellers often refuse to attempt. This development has opened up an entirely new marketplace for Love2Have.

The laser engraving system adopted by our designers allows customers to specify anything of their choice both on the inner and outer surfaces of a ring. The designs are first put together on a computer, and the software allows the operator to specify the font and size of the engraving. The significant advantage of this is that you can fit far more onto the ring than by doing the same by hand and it is possible to view the engraving first before pressing the start button.

Laser engrave anything onto your jewellery

Above and beyond this capability is the use of imported graphics for the basis of patterning and logotypes. We can now produce some unique patterns to our titanium rings never before created in the jewellery business. It is not only rings but anything else too that can be engraved. These include bracelets, watches and lockets. So now you know what can be done, just consider the options for your personalised jewellery or rings. We can advise you if you have any queries regarding engraving. We have an article with some engraving ideas in this section too if you should find yourself stuck for inspiration.

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