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The BEST Selection EVER of CELTIC RINGS Online in the UK

“Celtic rings UK

At Love2Have we believe that we sell the BEST! Celtic rings in the UK you can buy at the BEST! prices available and we have a tremendous amount of designer choice and selection for you. Rings with Celtic designs have been popular for centuries and will remain so because they will never look dated. Celtic patterns are usually made up of ropes formed into knotwork patterns giving an endless number of designs. Celtic crosses are particularly eye-catching, and you will often see these around you from day to day in the stonework on buildings, tattoos and jewellery. In ancient times, the Celts would also display their designs on their weapons such as swords and shields. Celtic designs have always been popular in the manufacture of jewellery, not just for the crosses worn around the neck but for ring designs and in particular Celtic wedding rings.

Celtic wedding rings made of non-precious metals

Although traditionally, Celtic wedding rings have been, and still are, fashioned from gold, other precious metals are now used, as well as some non-precious metals like titanium or zirconium. Silver is always famous for these rings, but as it is a softer metal, it isn't the best choice for a ring which will be worn every day, hopefully for many years to come, as it won't wear as well as harder metals. Titanium and zirconium are a good choice as they are both hard-wearing as well as being cheaper than the precious metals. These metals are laser engraved with very precise patterns. For a more traditional design, we offer handcrafted gold cast designs made from wax carvings.

Our Ogham rings

Check out our rings with the personalised ancient Celtic language of Ogham. The Ogham alphabet is known as the tree alphabet and was used from the 4th to the 7th century AD in Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales. Each unique Ogham ring is handmade, you can decide what you want in Ogham on your ring, and we will translate it for you, a perfect idea for your wedding. For those customers on a tighter budget consider our Ogham rings made from titanium.

We have also put together some further reading for you in the information section. These include articles on Celtic artwork and the Celtic symbolism used for the engravings on our rings and another on the Ogham alphabet we use for our Ogham Rings.

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