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The BEST Information & Advice EVER on Buying a Diamond Ring

This article contains the BEST information and advice EVER on purchasing a diamond ring. All you need to know is right here, so read on.

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Love2Have sparkling diamond rings

The diamond rings you see on the high street might seem like a real bargain at first glance. However, these mass-produced diamond rings are set with inferior quality diamonds with factors such as clarity and cut compromised. At Love2Have we call this the sparkle factor which is what gives a diamond its trademark appearance. The fact that most people do realise is that diamonds vary in price according to size and quality. We can go into this in more detail by explaining what the four factors are that when combined, help you choose the right diamond. The first of these is the cut or shape. The quality of this is critical as it will relate the brilliance or reflective quality of the stone. A higher quality cut means more sparkle in a diamond. Artisans will endeavour to create a nice even shape all over so that the light reflects in a perfect uniform fashion within the stone. There are various shapes you can choose from, the most popular of which is the brilliant cut style.

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Diamond clarity

The clarity of a diamond indicates the number of inherent flaws in the stone. The less there are, the more your diamond will shine. A VS stone is known as very slightly imperfect which does still give you a beautiful shiny stone. The rings on our site have VS1 or 2 stones or SI (slightly imperfect) depending upon the ring you buy so your diamond will sparkle in the natural light. Many high street retailers sell stones of a lesser quality than ours so even though they look like a bargain; buyer beware of shop windows with brightly lit displays! The colour of a diamond is how it sounds. When a diamond has no colour, it is known as white as opposed to the opposite end of the spectrum being black, which does mean a black diamond. The less colour a diamond has, the more valuable the stone which is part of the reason why white diamonds are the most popular colour choice for our customers when buying diamond rings and diamond jewellery.

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Diamond sizes and their colours

Coloured diamonds do occur naturally, but these are very very expensive and also very rare indeed. Coloured diamonds and in particular black diamonds have also become very popular for men's diamond rings and look particularly stylish set in rings made from a combination of silver and steel. As far as the worth of a diamond goes, it is the weight of a diamond that typically dictates its final retail price. This specification is known as the carat rating of a diamond, and it rises exponentially from one size to the next. For example, a four-carat stone is not double that of a two-carat diamond but in fact very very much more. The most popular size we sell on our site is 0.25ct (quarter carat) - a lovely size diamond that is within a price range that most customers should be paying for if considering the purchase of an engagement ring for her. Now that we have studied all the factors in the sizing and pricing of diamonds you can use this knowledge to your advantage to buy the best possible diamond ring that is within your budget. Consider compromising on colour and clarity first when purchasing a larger stone. Intelligent stone settings in some rings together with design can also make a stone appear much bigger than it is in some diamond rings, so do spend some time choosing your ring carefully.

Now that you have read the best information and advice ever on purchasing a diamond ring, it's time you take a look at the best Men's & Women's Diamond Rings online in the UK!

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