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British made titanium rings

Titanium is far superior to silver or gold because of its strength

Titanium wedding rings are a real viable solution for your wedding rings because of their strength. Often it is thought that palladium is the strongest of all the metals when it comes to jewellery production but this is not the case. Titanium is the strongest by far for making wedding rings in the UK. In fact, it is so robust that designers are not able to work with it using traditional jewellery bench methods but need to use heavy industrial lathing machinery to shape it into the various designs that we feature on our website. Away from the world of jewellery, titanium was utilised in the Space Shuttle for protection in space, so we know it is up to the job for making our rings. The most useful benefit, in this case, is the setting of tension set diamonds. The high tensile strength of aircraft grade titanium places a precious stone firmly in a vicelike grip. No other metal used for jewellery in the UK can emulate this.

Titanium rings are excellent value for money if you are shopping for budget wedding rings

Titanium has other benefits too. It doesn't rust for example when coming into contact with water, and as it is hypoallergenic, so it won't turn your finger green unlike silver may do for some people, bringing us nicely on to the "value for money" advantage over silver. Silver is a precious metal that is just getting more and more expensive. Silver is starting to lose its top slot for a cost-effective solution for jewellery making these days including silver wedding rings. Enter titanium as the new king for budget wedding rings. On the price, and when combined with an inlay of precious metal such as gold its advantages become apparent to see. The titanium will protect the gold from wearing away and costs you far less than an entire solid gold ring would have done.

Titanium ring removal in an accident is possible

Many customers ask about the removal of a titanium ring from a finger should you have an accident. Is a titanium ring dangerous? Titanium does require special tools to work with, but it is also soft enough to cut or stretch with the right equipment. Emergency services can deal with titanium as they can any other metal in the event of an accident. The fact titanium doesn't bend when forced means it is least likely to distort on your finger. Do take a look at our zirconium rings too if you like what you have read about titanium. You will find most of these listed in the men's wedding rings section as well as the men's Celtic rings section.

Titanium can scratch

On a final note, we regularly get asked about the scratch resistance of titanium. There seems to be an urban myth that titanium is 100% scratch resistant, but this is merely not the case. Like any other metal including gold and silver, it will scratch if coming into contact with other hard surfaces such as stone, etc. What titanium is, is hard wearing, i.e., It won't wear away as silver would. It is merely very tough and won't bend that's all. However if looked after, titanium will last you a lifetime, and remember if you do find yourself in need of wanting a refinish arranged for your titanium ring then as part of our after-sales service Love2Have can organise this for you.

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