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The BEST! British made titanium rings for men & women. To say that titanium has revolutionised the designer jewellery industry is an understatement. We began featuring titanium when we first started our company back in 2004, and since then we have never looked back. At the time we were on the look out for something alternative to the norm, a philosophy in which we stick with right up to this present day.

The UK market is now world class when it comes to creating titanium rings. Zirconium (a metal that has similar properties to titanium) is excellent too, as it can be coloured to create even more interesting design choices and styles for our customers. If you intend to purchase a titanium ring make sure it's one made in the UK - it's worth the extra just to ensure that you have a ring that lasts for life.

All of the titanium rings in this section are plain in styling i.e.; they are not diamond set for example. With titanium being such a versatile metal for our jewellers to work with we also sell a range of diamond set titanium rings and a collection of titanium engagement rings too.

On a final note we are very confident in that not only do we provide the BEST titanium rings made here in the UK (and probably the world) but also at the LOWEST PRICES too. If you think you may have seen the same ring elsewhere at a lower price, let us know, and we will price match like for like. YES! We can BEAT anyone!

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