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Read NOW Before Buying An Expensive UK Made Titanium Wedding Ring

British made titanium rings

You are probably thinking to yourself; I know where I can get much cheaper imported titanium rings than those made here in the UK and listed on the Love2Have website. Consider for a minute the ranges of rings available elsewhere and what we can offer that these sites may not be able to. Our titanium rings make fantastic rings for men and women, and we provide a vast selection of choices and styles. This range comes mainly down to the machining and engraving techniques used to make the best rings in the world. The almost limitless possibilities can start with the quite simple, from your personalised message, to quite intricate detail in the form of logos and patterns. Our Celtic titanium rings, for example, are proving to be very popular for men looking for wedding rings, not only do they look good but they are affordable too. The rings are finished to the highest quality and come with a comfort fitting, so they sit nicely on the finger if you intend to wear them for long periods at a time - a wedding ring for example. Another advantage in buying from Love2Have online is that we offer an after-sales service. No matter what the problem, whether it be a refinishing or resizing (if possible of course), we are more than happy to assist.

A brief history of titanium

Titanium is a space-age substance. We know this because when the Americans went to the moon, they brought back rocks containing it. Also, we are aware of this as a few meteorites have been found to contain traces of titanium. Titanium is used to make alloys and is a very light substance. It wasn't until a hundred years after its discovery in 1791 that the metal was fully understood and became used in manufacturing. Even though in appearance the metal is grey, it is also lustrous and can be polish finished to produce bright and mirror-like reflective jewellery.

Titanium and its qualities

Titanium has hypoallergenic qualities - in other words, it won't irritate sensitive skin and leave a nasty rash as cheaper jewellery may do, so at Love2Have we don't sell any cheap jewellery or rings on our site. Titanium is very versatile in its use. We have all sorts of different styles and looks from the metal including these designer styles pictured on this page. Jewellery is a very recent use of titanium, and that is why our rings are very modern in design. Even traditional design styles such as the Celtic patterns can be reworked to give a modern funky look.

All our titanium rings are made here in the UK, and they are all machined and finished to the highest quality. As we mentioned above, we offer all our customers an after-sales service should your ring need it, so if there is anything you need to know, then please don't hesitate to ask us. The ring sizes are all available in the UK, US and other international measurements.

So don't delay in choosing your titanium wedding rings - remember, even your local high street store may not stock your exact size, so why not take advantage of a made to order ring for your wedding - you have time if you shop at Love2Have. We always suggest that you do get your finger professionally measured for size before purchasing your titanium ring. Love2Have offer a professional wedding ring sizer service, so you no longer need to worry about ordering the wrong size. We have plenty of information and ideas for the use of titanium as wedding rings, and something to suit all tastes.

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