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Find the perfect British-made unique engagement ring for you and your partner

The BEST! UK made engagement rings that all sparkle. Engagement rings are still very traditional in the West and are a sign of betrothal to your loved one. Most people usually get engaged a couple of years before they intend to marry and will often choose a ring design that will look good set against a wedding ring. Choosing an engagement ring is a big event for any woman but many men also these days opt to wear an engagement ring too.

The traditional choice is still a diamond engagement ring, but budgets often limit the decision and in particular the size of the diamond. The solitaire (single diamond) is still a firm favourite as is the three diamond ring which is meant to signify 'I Love You'.

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Engagement rings to suit your budget

There are now many more styles and designs available to fit within everyone's budget. The choices now include non-precious metals such as titanium and zirconium fashioned into unique contemporary designs which will be both hard wearing and attractive. One of our most popular options are the titanium engagement rings. Not only are these available with diamonds but coloured sapphires too. The quirky zig zag titanium rings are the most unconventional we have come across; they ooze individuality with their unique way of setting stones.

If you find what you are after in this section then, of course, you are going to have to consider your wedding rings also, and we have just the rings you are after in our UK made wedding rings section.

Enjoy top quality rings at an unbeatable value

On a final note we are very confident in that not only do we provide the BEST engagement rings made here in the UK (and probably the world) but also at the LOWEST PRICES too. If you think you may have seen the same ring elsewhere at a lower price, let us know, and we will price match like for like. YES! We can BEAT anyone!

You can save money on your engagement rings now by shopping at Love2Have, and we have always said that our designer engagement rings made from titanium offer the best value for money above gold or even silver for that matter, but why is this? On this page, we will provide you with some advice on buying cheaper option diamond engagement rings in titanium as an alternative to gold diamond set engagement rings.

Remember that you need a large diamond for that engagement ring

So you have decided to get engaged, and now it's time to start hunting for the perfect engagement ring to prove your commitment is genuine. They say diamonds are a girl's best friend and when it comes to choosing diamond engagement rings, this couldn't be more important to get right. The bigger the diamond, the better, so it's time to check your bank account.

But large diamonds for engagement rings are costly, and diamonds come in all sizes, so you should be looking at a 0.25ct diamond at least when it comes to size. However 0.25ct diamond rings can be expensive. A 0.25ct diamond is one of the most popular stones used for diamond engagement rings these days, so a diamond of this size is the only serious choice to impress your intended, and they may not be very impressed by anything less than this. However, not everyone can afford such a lavish piece of jewellery. Traditionally a diamond ring is made from 18ct white or yellow gold to house the gorgeous sparkler, and the prices of these rings can run into a four-figure number.

However, do consider engagement rings made from a non-precious metal. At Love2Have we can offer you a fantastic alternative, and the diamond used is the real thing. Titanium can make an excellent choice to 18ct gold when it comes to choosing an expensive diamond ring. It's strong, light and has a lovely finish to it when worked well by professional machinery. On top of this, one more trick titanium can offer, and that is being able to tension set the stone. It's so tough that the stone is highly unlikely to dislodge under normal wear and tear. It catches the light held in position by just two of its edges - real beauty revealed. A traditional diamond ring is not capable of such a feat as the precious metals used in conventional jewellery designs are too weak to hold a diamond in a tension set arrangement as the gold naturally bends, and the sparkler falls away. Something your partner will not be at all impressed with at all.

This fact is the reason as to why titanium makes an excellent choice for diamond engagement rings, but another option open to you is zirconium. You can't tension set zirconium as you can titanium due it not being as strong, but it does make a unique alternative to the norm and it looks good on men wishing to consider a diamond ring for themselves. There are plenty of men's wedding rings in zirconium to choose from also on our website. Finally, pricing can be almost 75% less than that of an 18ct gold ring, reason enough to consider the alternatives we think.

It is worth also mentioning at this point that all of these rings in this category are available as bridal sets as we can arrange to have matching wedding rings made to go with all of them. Most of these are on the website, and we can help you with choosing the correct model. Just contact us for further details as we are more than happy to help.

So there you have it, an idea for both wedding and engagement rings at prices you can now afford. Please check back as we will be featuring more of these engagement rings in the coming months.

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