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Celtic engagement ring
Celtic Engagement Rings
Titanium Celtic ring
Celtic Titanium Rings
Celtic wedding ring
Celtic Wedding Rings
Claddagh ring
Claddagh Rings
Men's Celtic ring
Men's Celtic Rings
Ogham ring
Ogham Rings
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Runic Rings
Silver Celtic ring
Silver Celtic Rings

UK made Ogham, Rune and Celtic Knot rings

Celtic rings

The BEST! Ogham, Rune and Celtic Knot rings for men and women for sale online in the UK for your wedding and engagement, and all made here in the UK from titanium, zirconium, gold or sterling silver.

The metals our Celtic rings are made from

In this section, you will not only find what most people regard to as the traditional styles of UK made gold Celtic rings for men and women, but you will also find other more contemporary styles in both titanium and zirconium.

Although traditionally, Celtic wedding rings come fashioned from gold, non-precious metals like titanium and zirconium (as mentioned above) are available too. Silver is always popular, but as it is a softer metal, it isn't the best choice for a wedding ring which will be worn every day for many years to come as it won't wear as well as harder metals. Titanium and zirconium are a good choice as they are both hard-wearing as well as being cheaper than the precious metals. Both of these metals are laser engraved, achieving detailed patterns. For the more traditional designs, we offer handmade gold cast Celtic rings made from wax carvings.

Our Celtic rings are unbeatable value

On a final note we are very confident in that not only do we provide the BEST Celtic rings made here in the UK (and probably the world) but also at the LOWEST PRICES too. If you think you may have seen the same Celtic ring elsewhere at a lower price, let us know, and we will price match like for like. YES! We can BEAT anyone!

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