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The BEST! Women's Handmade Jewellery

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Love2Have sell the BEST! British Women's Handmade Jewellery Online! We know that we sell the best handmade jewellery in the UK for women and in this short showcase article we have put together a quick resume of the pieces we have available on our site and where to find them.

Trends in women's jewellery

When it comes to ladies bracelets and bangles, we have certainly seen some strange fashion trends on the high street over the last decade, which has been influenced by celebrity culture, demonstrating that fashion sense has overridden common sense and taste. One such example of this is the strange trend for charm style bracelets imported from the far east. Mostly, these consist of a silver snake bracelet and trinkets with an average cost of a silver bracelet running into many hundreds of pounds; the gold ones cost many thousands. While we understand how popular these have become, we decided to act upon this phenomena and source a range of alternative charm beads and bracelets that are far more individual. We have a range of silver torq bangles which have a detachable end so for the personalised silver charms to slide. We have many different end pieces such as horoscope beads and a range of beautiful handmade charm beads.

Women's jewellery ideas

Heart jewellery is always fashionable, especially for loved ones buying gifts for their partners. Our beautiful glass caged heart necklaces, bracelets and earrings are a real winner and make the perfect gift for all year round, no matter what the occasion. We have plenty of other different design styles featuring hearts from the more classic to the contemporary also.

Silver necklaces and pendants are still the most popular with ladies because this precious metal looks good with anything. So a beautiful quality piece can be worn with denim's and t-shirts but will look just as good worn with that little black dress. Many of our pieces are in perfect shiny silver, or you can have an oxidised for a more urban look. Check out our much affordable melted silver range with luscious chunks of silver on silver snake chains. Our contemporary women's Celtic silver necklaces such as the Runic symbols are stunning pieces which any woman would be pleased to receive or wear. There are other similar pieces to this which are all available as jewellery sets too, we, therefore, have matching bangles, bracelets and earrings to go with most of our necklaces which you will find while you browse the categories and sub-categories to this section of our website.

Historically, the wearing of cuff bracelets became popular in Roman times as the trend was to wear short sleeved tops. It was popular with both men and women, and in time immemorial it was believed that jewellery was very symbolic for bringing luck. While we can't promise that our silver bracelets will bring you luck we can guarantee they are all handmade to the highest quality of solid sterling silver and will last you a long time.

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