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The BEST Selection EVER of DIAMOND RINGS Online in the UK

british diamond ringsAt Love2Have we believe that we sell the BEST! diamond rings in the UK you can buy at the BEST! prices available and we have an enormous amount of choice and selection for you on our website, whether you are after an engagement ring for her or something manly for him we have it all on offer.

About our diamond rings

When it comes to buying patterns, the most noticeable change we have seen in the last decade or so has been the metal choices for diamond rings which our customers now choose to buy instead of gold. We have therefore seen an increasing demand for unique diamond rings made from titanium, black zirconium, steel or silver. Remember the old sayings like "diamonds are a girl's best friend", "no diamond can ever be too big" and was it not Zsa Zsa Gabor that once said that "she never hated a man enough to give him his diamonds back!" We think it's fair enough to say that all girls love diamonds, especially big ones that are in rings that can be worn on the finger and admired by all. What is it about diamonds that draws the eye? Let us not forget that the diamond is essentially carbon, or, as Malcolm Forbes once said "nothing more than chunks of coal that stuck to their jobs".

Diamond quality is important

Indeed, a well cut, quality diamond is essentially a thing of great beauty and has what is known as fire. The fire is as a result of the diamond redirecting the light by refraction. The amount of light that a diamond refracts very much depended upon the quality of the stone and the expertise of the diamond cutter. It's hard to believe that an uncut diamond which is a lump of rock hewn out of the ground could be polished and cut into something so beautiful and something which will be loved and treasured forever. Nature is a beautiful thing; she knows how to make things of great beauty and diamonds are forever. The diamonds we set in our rings are SI quality (slightly imperfect). All you need to know is that Love2Have choose quality stones at a price you can afford and ones that sparkle.

british engagement ringsDiamonds are called the 'King of Kings' as they shine more than any other gemstone. By tension setting a ring light can enter the stone from all directions enhancing its sparkle to the greatest effect. Setting a diamond is very specialist, and requires aircraft grade titanium and, due to the high pressure, the stone won't fall out unless put under extreme force.

A diamond symbolises wealth and sophistication and is something usually bought rarely by most of us due to the high prices. The most common form of jewellery purchased is the diamond engagement ring, and in our ring sections, you will find plenty of choices. Being an online company, we can offer you very competitive prices for our rings with larger stones - especially the titanium tension set rings set with 0.25ct stones, all made here in the UK. You will find some tension set rings in the titanium engagement rings section.

Now that you have read all about our engagement rings and also our diamond rings, it's time you take a look at the best BRITISH Made UNUSUAL ENGAGEMENT RINGS ONLINE in the UK!

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