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British handmade beaded jewellery

The Best! handmade beaded jewellery all made in the UK at prices you can afford. Fully guaranteed and returns accepted. So what is the crucial factor that makes our beaded jewellery better than the rest? Well, apart from the fact they are all designer pieces, each one lovingly handmade individually, they all have a sophistication about them that you rarely see elsewhere. Take for instance the high street shops that all stock cheap and rather gaudy style bracelets in silly bright colours. We know from experience that women like their jewellery to be unique and to be able to wear their bracelets most of the time. If you are thinking of purchasing a beaded bracelet for her as a gift, foremost in your mind, consider your colour choice. After all, you don't want something that will look cheap.

Beaded jewellery for every occasion

The designer's eye for choosing the correct colours is demonstrated in all the pieces in this section very well. The dark neutral shades that will, therefore, match most outfits and can be worn for all occasions such as on a summer holiday, maybe on the beach as a surfing accessory, or even for clubbing and other social events too as they look cool.

Carefully chosen by the designer to look sophisticated when worn with their matching piece they make the perfect beaded jewellery sets. We would certainly recommend these collections for a wedding outfit, so how about wearing them on your honeymoon too after the big day?

Quality UK made beaded jewellery

While we do realise that you can purchase imported beaded jewellery very cheaply these days, our UK made pieces are of excellent quality, handmade to the highest of standards, very much individual and offer our customers superb value for money, together with our after sales care should you require it.