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Men's Celtic designer ring

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Men's Black Celtic Designer Ring


A black and natural grey men's Celtic designer ring with a centrally engraved pattern made from zirconium. The ring is 7mm wide and has a chamfered black edge. It matches the 5mm version also sold on our website and pictured as Celtic wedding ring sets below.

The outer patterning of this ring is that of an interlaced half circles pattern that repeats around the rings entire outer edge. The patterning is black while the exterior surfacing is grey. The finish is magnificent, with the satin version looking like silky velvet and the polished almost mirror-like in appearance. It is hard to choose between the two which is why we have pictured them both in detail on this page.

Our zirconium rings with their contemporary Celtic engravings are a real alternative to the more traditional Celtic gold wedding rings we sell as they are very modern in appearance. Zirconium can be finished on all our rings in a polished or a satin finish just like any other metal, and again as mentioned above, we have them pictured as a set on this page to demonstrate this fact.

Specifications at a quick glance:-

Model: L2H044094RB.

Width(s) Available: 7mm.

Depth/Wall Thickness Available: 2.25mm.

Profile(s) Available: Flat comfort fit.

Metal(s)/Material(s) Available: Zirconium.

Finish(es) Available: Polished and satin matt.

Returns Policy: You may return this UK made men's Celtic ring if it is not to your satisfaction as long as it is not engraved. Please see our terms and conditions.

Available Options:

UK Ring Size: 

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