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British made women's bangles

The BEST! Quality women's handmade silver bangles in the UK at prices you can afford, fully guaranteed and returns accepted. Bangles are a type of jewellery predominantly worn by women, but based only on a quite limited design aspect of a circular hoop, choices in design styles can be somewhat limiting, and especially more so if you intend to purchase from boring large retailers or from the high street.

We have put together an excellent range of the more unusual, but still very stylish. As you can see above a bangle does not need to be boring, it can be exciting and dynamic too. Of particular interest to customers who like their beaded jewellery are our pieces here with silver roundels threaded onto the wire, amongst other options such as gold as well as silver. We also have our unique personalised choice in the form of a custom barcode for your very own specification.

Our bangles fit you just right

Another vital factor in purchasing a handmade bangle is sizing. We have a tremendous amount of experience in this requirement, and while we cater for average sizes regularly, our designers can accommodate different sizing too. So, if you love a design here and don't think it is quite right for you then do contact us first, we can guarantee to help you out.

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