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UK made womens silver chain bracelets

The BEST! Quality womens silver chain bracelets all handmade in the UK at prices you can afford, fully guaranteed and returns accepted.

A designer sterling silver bracelet for a beach or coastal holiday.


A designer gold and silver chain bracelet for a beach or coastal holiday.


An oxidised designer silver bracelet with a Gothic inspired design.


A T-Bar sterling silver chain bracelet featuring modern unusual Gothic styling.


A Gothic silver chain bracelet beautifully handcrafted in solid silver.


A handmade chain bracelet made from solid sterling silver.


A silver chain bracelet with a laurel-leaf in an oxidised finish.


This barbed wire silver bracelet is a handmade piece of Gothic jewellery.


A womens silver chain bracelet made from heavy round silver wire.


A womens sterling silver chain bracelet made from heavy round silver wire.


An unusual silver bracelet featuring lovely curved shaping.


A designer chain bracelet inspired from the jewellery worn by the Vikings.


A solid chunky sterling silver chain bracelet with designer styling.


A womens silver chain bracelet with a silver snowdrop.


A contemporary silver chain bracelet for women who like chunky jewellery.


A silver chain bracelet consisting of spring flowers. CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE.


A lovely designer silver bracelet with ornate and distinctive styling.


A designer silver bracelet with a T-bar fastener and pendant.


A lovely understated sterling silver bracelet with hearts and gold hoops.


An unusual silver bracelet for women with designer styling.


An unusual silver bracelet featuring a Raven pendant and beads.


Silver chain bracelets suitable for women

We are finding that it is not just men who look to own silver chain jewellery (see our mens chain bracelets and mens chain necklaces), but also women too. We were asked by several customers when we first started Love2Have to source some suitable designs in sterling silver for females, so on this page, this is what we have come up with, and they have proven to be very popular right from the word go.

The designs convey a less chunky appearance and are far more subtle in look with a particular eye on the feminine. The fact is, is that all of these silver chains have been designed and made up by women for women, which is the reason as to why they work so well and have been very popular with our customers. All of these pieces have designer styling and appeal also together with themes such as flowers.

Bracelets individually made in the UK for you

A crucial factor in purchasing any womens chain bracelet is sizing. We have a huge amount of experience in this requirement, and while we cater for average sizes regularly, our designers can accommodate different sizing too. So if you love a silver chain design here and don't think it is quite right for you then do contact us first as we can guarantee to help you out.