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The BEST! Ring sizing service online in the UK

Here is our set of professional ring gauges. The ring gauges are the industry standard, professionally used by jewellers throughout the UK. The measurement you will read from them is known as a leading edge measurement, again a standard scale used in the UK. The bandwidths are 7mm and perfect for most of the rings on this site.

How to measure your ring finger correctly

Please note it is your responsibility to measure your fingers correctly and provide us with the correct size. We are not responsible if you mismeasure your finger size. We suggest that you measure your finger several times during the day. Your fingers may swell in the afternoon and during hot weather, so please take this into account.

We recommend having your fingers measured on more than one occasion as sometimes they can vary up to one whole size out depending on the temperature and also even the time of day. When it gets warmer, or your body warms up in certain conditions such as in the afternoon your fingers can also swell too, and while a ring may feel comfortable in the cold, it will significantly tighten in the heat.

When ordering a ring from us, that is wider than 7mm; you may need to consider ordering a half or one whole size bigger. We can, however, provide blanks in wider widths, so please ask first if you are unsure about fitting. While our standard ring sizer measures 7mm wide we can also supply 10mm blanks for you to try too. We tend to find that you need to go up at least one whole size for wide rings if you typically find that a ring of 7mm in width or less fits you OK.

Resources and additional reading

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