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Unusual mens two tone wedding ring

Unusual two tone mens wedding ring Wide two tone mens wedding ring 

Unusual Mens Two Tone Wedding Ring


An unusual two-tone zirconium mens wedding ring with a relieved satin finish black centre and polished edge rails that makes an awesome mens wedding ring with an eye-catching contrast between the black and natural zirconium colouring. As pictured, the wider 10mm or 12mm version is an impressive beast of a wedding ring with wider edging which accentuates a more chunky design style. The central black is defined further by single grooves dividing it from the silver-coloured outer rails.

The modern and unusual styling is perfect for men looking for a real alternative fashion statement to their wedding rings, and just like titanium, zirconium is also hypoallergenic, so the wearing of this wider ring won't react with your skin on hot sticky days. Thinner widths such as 5mm are suitable for ladies too, making this ring design an excellent choice for something matching and alternative for him and her.

Specifications at a quick glance:-


Width(s) Available: 5mm - 12mm.

Depth/Wall Thickness Available: 2.25mm.

Profile(s) Available: Flat comfort fit.

Metal(s)/Material(s) Available: Zirconium.

Finish(es) Available: Polished and matt combination.

Returns Policy: You may return this UK made mens wedding ring if it is not to your satisfaction as long as it is not engraved. Please see our terms and conditions.

Available Options:

UK Ring Size: 

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