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An unusual silver necklace which comprises of various beads and silver works.


A sterling silver necklace featuring beads threaded onto a silver neck chain.


A sterling silver necklace perfect for a beach or coastal holiday.

A designer silver pendant and necklace for men and women.

A contemporary silver pendant for men and women with a lovely steel finish.


A handmade sterling silver necklace with an oxidised detail floral design.


A mens silver necklace with an intricately detailed birds wing.


A handmade sterling silver beaded necklaces featuring one gold bead.


A lovely handmade silver necklace with a secure T-bar style fastener

handmade hammered silver pendant necklace for men and women.

A Stag beetle inspired handmade silver necklace. CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE.


An attractive silver pendant with black oxidised linear detailing.


A modern mens and womens silver pendant in a lovely steel finish.


A solid sterling silver necklace for men and women.


A handmade silver and diamond necklace boasting rock-solid designer styling.


A modern silver necklace for men and women with a hand-hammered finish.

A sterling silver necklace with a triangular style logo pendant.

A silver necklace for men and women in a distressed design style.


A fantastically detailed handmade oxidised silver scorpion necklace.


A Raven chain necklace made up of of a sterling silver chain and beads.




A handmade silver necklace boasting rock-solid designer styling.


British handmade women's silver necklaces

The BEST! Quality women's handmade silver necklaces in the UK at prices you can afford, fully guaranteed and returns accepted. Now we at Love2have know without a shadow of a doubt that we have lots of homegrown talent here in the UK producing unusual handmade silver jewellery and we want to support that talent. Contrary to what many people believe, it is possible to buy a quality piece of silver for just a little more than what you might expect to pay for a mass produced item.

handmade silver necklaces

Women's necklaces for any occasion

Our women's handmade silver necklaces are one such example of this fact, and they go with just about any outfit, which is why we have put together this diverse range of silver necklaces all specially handpicked for women. We have attempted to source some unusual designs that are not readily available from any large brand Internet store, and our women's jewellery on this page will compliment any outfit from jeans, a shirt to that little black number for that particular occasion. Silver is also popular as wedding jewellery for the bride and bridesmaids, and some pieces including the silver flower pendants are just perfect. There is something here for everyone from clean and contemporary styling in the form of silver pendants, all the way to the ornate and the very alternative too.

UK made silver necklaces just for you

Because the jewellery is made here in the UK, we can cater to a much wider range of different sizes. We can accommodate the chains and the necklaces in various sizes and not just the measurements specified on each product listing. So, if you don't fit into the category of average, don't worry because we don't produce everyday jewellery. Just contact us first before you buy, and we are sure that we can help you out. Check out our exciting range of men's silver necklaces also.

Prefer a non-leather version of one of our leather and silver necklaces?

We strive to endorse both moral and ethical values and none more so than in the vegan trend that is taking the world by storm these days. Vegan choices in diets are commonplace now which is why we at Love2Have are more than happy to assist you in purchasing a vegan option to any of the leather products on our website. If you see anything featuring leather, then contact us NOW! For your very own unique vegan alternative.

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