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Scottish silver Celtic rings

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Scottish Celtic Silver Rings


A set of three Celtic Scottish silver rings for the price of one and designed all to be worn on the same finger all at the same time. When they are all sat next to each other, the approximate total width is 8mm. They are entirely handmade and all crafted individually, so no two sets are exactly identical. The basis for the design style is influenced by the Celtic culture, reflecting a tribal look. The Celts lived in Europe in tribes or groups. From top to bottom as featured they appear as follows.

The first silver ring features small dotted indents each featuring black oxidised colouring. The little indents come randomly placed around the rings entire outer circumference. This ring has a polished finish, and the profiling comes rounded.

Secondly, the next ring again made from silver, is plain matte in finish and features the same profiling as the indented ring previously described. This ring sits in-between the two patterned rings.

Finally, the third ring is flat in profile and features rectangular cutouts. Each one is individual and random in shape, once again reflecting the Celtic tribal aspect of the design done by hand. The cutouts all feature oxidised detailing like the first dotted ring, and it comes in polished silver too.

Specifications at a quick glance:-


Width(s) Available: 8mm.

Profile(s) Available: Mixed.

Metal(s)/Material(s) Available: 925 sterling silver.

Finish(es) Available: Polished and matt.

Delivery: 2 to 3 weeks and we can accommodate rush orders.

Returns Policy: You may return this Scottish UK made silver Celtic ring set if it is not to your satisfaction as long as it is not engraved. Please see our terms and conditions.

Available Options:

UK Ring Size: 

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