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Gothic silver necklace

Gothic hinge necklace 

Old English Gothic Hinge Necklace


The unusual source of inspiration for this Gothic necklace are the ornate hinges to be found on church doors and cathedrals. The religious and historical overtones of this piece appear in a wide range of unusual shapes and patterns. In detail, this design comes based on a cast iron door hinge, the old English Gothic type found on church doors or old medieval houses and mansions.

This particular design is an adaptation of the other sterling silver pendant and again measures approximately 30mm x 18mm, is flat in shape with a curved top and bottom and has the same parallel indents running across it sideways. The look is incredibly slick and stylish as it comes finished with an oxidised silver finish that adds to the excellent design quality throughout this classic. The hinge design is fastened securely to the piece with metal pins and joined to an oxidised sterling silver chain with a robust and secure eyelet.

Specifications at a quick glance:-

Model: L2HPKHP2.

Size(s) Available: 18 inches as standard (other sizes available).

Metal(s)/Material(s) Available: 925 sterling silver.

Finish(es) Available: Oxidised.

Returns Policy: You may return this UK made Gothic necklace if it is not to your satisfaction as long is it is not engraved. Please see our terms and conditions.

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