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An unusual silver necklace which comprises of various beads and silver works.

A mens sterling silver designer necklace with oxidised detail.

A mens silver necklace with oxidised recessed camouflage detail.


A mens silver medieval necklace designed around an arrow tip.


A mens silver necklace with an intricately detailed birds wing.

A mens arrow necklace made entirely of solid sterling silver.
a mens silver necklace that features a dagger and an arrowhead
A mens heavily oxidised sterling silver cross and chain necklace.

A mens chunky sterling silver necklace and fashioned pendant.

A handmade textured mens designer silver necklace and pendant.

A mens handmade designer silver necklace with a textured finish.

A mens handmade silver necklace with a textured pillar.

A mens sterling silver necklace with a personalised barcode engraving.


A mens personalised necklace made of sterling silver.


a mens personalised silver necklace with a handmade engraving.


A mens sterling silver necklace with a personalised barcode engraving.


UK made men's silver necklaces

Men's silver necklaces

The Best! British made men's silver necklaces all handmade in the UK at prices you can afford. Fully guaranteed and returns accepted. Our men's sterling silver necklaces are all based on the classic design of a silver pendant threaded onto a silver chain. Silver is the most popular choice for this type of men's jewellery, and all of these pieces come with the chains as pictured.

Men's silver necklaces just right for you

We tend to find that most men wear an 18-inch length necklace as this hangs just at the right point below the collarbone, not too low as to be obscured by outer clothing, and not too high so to be uncomfortable or irritating to wear.

Being all handmade and not mass-produced we are happy to, cater for other lengths if required, and there is no limit to size. Just let us know what you need, and we can find out if it will cost any extra which is usually only a minimal difference.

Prefer a non-leather version of one of our men's silver necklaces combined with leather?

We strive to endorse both moral and ethical values and none more so than in the vegan trend that is taking the world by storm these days. Vegan choices in diets are commonplace now which is why we at Love2Have are more than happy to assist you in purchasing a vegan option to any of the leather products on our website. If you see anything featuring leather, then contact us NOW! For your very own unique vegan alternative.

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