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UK made mens silver bracelets

The Best! British made mens sterling silver bracelets all handmade in the UK at prices you can afford.

A sterling silver mens ID bracelet. CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE.


A mens oxidised sterling silver ID bracelet. CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE.


A popular designer silver mens bracelet with a silver bar catch.


A mens rubber and silver bracelet that is very chunky and bold in design.


A mens silver bracelet with a personalised handmade barcode engraving.


A mens designer bracelet in black rubber and sterling silver.


This mens silver bracelet makes a great piece of surf jewellery.


A chunky and very bold mens rubber and sterling silver bracelet.


A stunningly detailed handmade mens silver dragon bracelet.


A mens designer silver bracelet with contemporary styling.


A beaded designer bracelet with a silver raven suitable for men and women.


An unusual silver mens bracelet with subtle contemporary looks.


An unusual silver bracelet featuring lovely curved shaping.


Two-tone designer silver bracelet featuring sterling silver and black onyx beads.


Our mens silver bracelets are fantastic

The wearing of wristbands in the alternative and rock scene has been widespread for decades now, and when a material such as rubber comes combined with silver, the bracelets look super cool. We have a fantastic selection of combination pieces that are all very organic in style and range from jewellery inspired by the natural world and the spiritual aspects of life, as well as textured pieces designed for more urban environments.

Most of the mens bracelets in this section are available as necklaces too, and you will find them all listed in the mens silver necklaces section.

Prefer a non-leather version of one of our mens silver bracelets combined with leather?

We strive to endorse both moral and ethical values and none more so than in the vegan trend that is taking the world by storm these days. Vegan choices in diets are commonplace now which is why we at Love2Have are more than happy to assist you in purchasing a vegan option to any of the leather products on our website. If you see anything featuring leather, then contact us NOW! For your very own unique vegan alternative.

British made mens silver ID bracelets

The Best! British made men's silver identity bracelets all handmade in the UK at prices you can afford. Type into google ‘ID bracelets’, and you will come across mainly the standard plain silver style bracelets again, with a very standard silver chain. All very dull and predictable we think. Our silver ID bracelets, on the other hand, are something very different indeed.

The designers have gone the extra mile to produce something extraordinary with an eye for the unusual combined with sleek designer styling. Everything about these bracelets is very alternative from the norm, from the chains chosen to wrap around your wrist, to the unique ID bars that can even be individually personalised.