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British made heart shape necklaces

The BEST! Quality women's silver heart necklaces all handmade in the UK at prices you can afford, fully guaranteed and returns accepted. Our UK made heart shaped jewellery puts the love into Love2Have and love is all that should be on your mind when browsing this section of our site. Here we have a beautiful selection of handmade silver necklaces that all feature heart-shaped centrepieces as part of their designs.

heart necklaces

The main necklaces featured here are our beautiful and charming coloured glass hearts in woven silver or gold cages. Yes, love does come in many colours which is why we are confident that you will find something here to buy as a gift to let her know how much she means to you. We also have gathered together some other designs all made in solid sterling silver in various styles, and unlike anything, you will come across on the high street.

Our heart shaped jewellery

Not only that, but all the jewellery on this page can also be bought as a set too and you will find perfectly matching handmade heart bracelets and heart earrings also listed in this section. We may even be able to offer you a discount if you want a complete set, so do please email us first before you buy.

Prefer a non-leather version of one of our leather and heart necklaces?

We strive to endorse both moral and ethical values and none more so than in the vegan trend that is taking the world by storm these days. Vegan choices in diets are commonplace now which is why we at Love2Have are more than happy to assist you in purchasing a vegan option to any of the leather products on our website. If you see anything featuring leather, then contact us NOW! For your very own unique vegan alternative.

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