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British made designer silver bracelets

The BEST! Quality designer silver bracelets all made in the UK at prices you can afford, fully guaranteed and returns accepted.

Link style designer silver bracelet for a beach or a coastal holiday.


A womens designer silver bracelet with a Raven and jump beads.


A beaded designer bracelet with a silver raven suitable for men and women.


Designer chain bracelet inspired from the jewellery worn by the Vikings.


A womens caged heart designer silver bracelet with a black Venetian glass heart.


A womens caged heart designer silver bracelet with a white Venetian glass heart.

Two-tone designer silver bracelet featuring sterling silver and black onyx beads.

Designer silver bracelets individually handmade for you

A crucial factor in purchasing any bracelet is sizing. We have a huge amount of experience in this requirement, and while we cater for average sizes regularly, our designers can accommodate different sizing too. So if you love a bracelet here and don't think it is quite right for you then do contact us first as we can guarantee to help you out.