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British made steel wedding rings

The BEST! men's and women's stainless steel wedding rings made in the UK. Stainless steel is a fantastic choice of metal for making a ring, and as our steel wedding rings are made in Northern England close to the heart of the British steel industry, they deserve an entire section of their own. Not only does stainless steel wear well due to it being extremely hardy, but it won't rust either. Stainless steel, therefore, makes great men's jewellery and especially men's wedding rings. The steel is formed into chunky rings using specialist techniques, and the designers use a handcrafted construction method for pinning the various parts together to make the rings; you can create mix metal contemporary designs incorporating silver, gold and even palladium.

steel wedding rings

Stainless steel makes an excellent wedding ring

If you have an eye for the unusual, our stainless steel rings make an excellent choice for a wedding ring. The designs can be adapted to fit ladies smaller fingers too, allowing couples to purchase a stainless steel wedding rings set.

Another advantage of these rings is their price. Being steel, they are very affordable for everyone, making them an excellent alternative to palladium and platinum. These steel wedding rings are a real design statement.

Our other stainless steel rings

Steel also makes an excellent choice for diamond setting which can make an amazing men's engagement ring. Why not consider a black diamond for instance? We feature some men's diamond set rings on our website in the steel diamond rings section. As men's engagement rings are becoming ever more popular it is important for you to find a bold style for a diamond ring - these rings fit the bill perfectly.

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