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Find the British-made unusual diamond ring you've always wanted

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The BEST! men's and women's unusual diamond rings that sparkle in titanium, zirconium, steel and silver at the lowest prices. Buy our British made rings directly online in the UK.

Customers visiting this section of our website may also wish to consider a significant amount of choice in our engagement rings section too. Some of our UK made men's rings made from zirconium have an all black or twin finish surface. Finding a suitable diamond ring for a man can be quite a problem, but this range fit the bill perfectly.

You get top quality at unbeatable value

We can not only provide the BEST diamond rings made here in the UK (and probably the world) but also at the LOWEST PRICES too. If you think you may have seen the same ring elsewhere at a lower price, let us know, and we will price match like for like. YES! We can BEAT anyone!

When it comes to buying patterns, the most noticeable change we have seen in the last decade or so has been the metal choices for jewellery which our customers now choose instead of gold. We have therefore seen an increasing demand for rings made from titanium, black zirconium, steel or silver.

The rings you see on the high street might seem like a real bargain at first glance. However, these mass-produced pieces are set with inferior quality diamonds with factors such as clarity and cut compromised. At Love2Have we call this the sparkle factor which is what gives a diamond its trademark appearance. The fact that most people do realise is that diamonds vary in price according to size and quality. We can go into this in more detail by explaining what the four factors are that when combined, help you choose the right diamond. The first of these is the cut or shape. The quality of this is critical as it will relate the brilliance or reflective quality of the stone. A higher quality cut means more sparkle in a diamond. Artisans will endeavour to create a nice even shape all over so that the light reflects in a perfect uniform fashion within the stone. There are various shapes you can choose from, the most popular of which is the brilliant cut style.

The clarity of a diamond indicates the number of inherent flaws in the stone. The less there are, the more your diamond will shine. A VS stone is known as very slightly imperfect which does still give you a beautiful shiny stone. The rings on our site have VS1 or 2 stones or SI (slightly imperfect) depending upon the ring you buy so your diamond will sparkle in the natural light. Many high street retailers sell stones of a lesser quality than ours so even though they look like a bargain; buyer beware of shop windows with brightly lit displays! The colour of a diamond is how it sounds. When a diamond has no colour, it is known as white as opposed to the opposite end of the spectrum being black, which does mean a black diamond. The less colour a diamond has, the more valuable the stone which is part of the reason why white diamonds are the most popular colour choice for our customers when buying diamond jewellery.

Coloured diamonds do occur naturally, but these are very very expensive and also very rare indeed. Coloured diamonds and in particular black diamonds have also become very popular for men's jewellery and look particularly stylish set in rings made from a combination of silver and steel. As far as the worth of a diamond goes, it is the weight of a diamond that typically dictates its final retail price. This specification is known as the carat rating of a diamond, and it rises exponentially from one size to the next. For example, a four-carat stone is not double that of a two-carat diamond but in fact very very much more. The most popular size we sell on our site is 0.25ct (quarter carat) - a lovely size diamond that is within a price range that most customers should be paying for if considering the purchase of an engagement ring for her. Now that we have studied all the factors in the sizing and pricing of diamonds you can use this knowledge to your advantage to buy the best possible ring that is within your budget. Consider compromising on colour and clarity first when purchasing a larger stone. Intelligent stone settings in some rings together with design can also make a stone appear much bigger than it is in some rings, so do spend some time choosing your ring carefully.

A diamond ring is a girl's best friend

Remember the old sayings like "diamonds are a girl's best friend", "no diamond can ever be too big" and was it not Zsa Zsa Gabor that once said that "she never hated a man enough to give him his diamonds back!" We think it's fair enough to say that all girls love diamonds, especially big ones that are in rings that can be worn on the finger and admired by all. What is it about diamonds that draws the eye? Let us not forget that the diamond is essentially carbon, or, as Malcolm Forbes once said "nothing more than chunks of coal that stuck to their jobs".

Indeed, a well cut, quality diamond is essentially a thing of great beauty and has what is known as fire. The fire is as a result of the diamond redirecting the light by refraction. The amount of light that a diamond refracts very much depended upon the quality of the stone and the expertise of the diamond cutter. It's hard to believe that an uncut diamond which is a lump of rock hewn out of the ground could be polished and cut into something so beautiful and something which will be loved and treasured forever. Nature is a beautiful thing; she knows how to make things of great beauty and diamonds are forever. The diamonds we set in our rings are SI quality (slightly imperfect). All you need to know is that Love2Have choose quality stones at a price you can afford and ones that sparkle.

Diamonds are called the 'King of Kings' as they shine more than any other gemstone. By tension setting a ring light can enter the stone from all directions enhancing its sparkle to the greatest effect. Setting a diamond is very specialist, and requires aircraft grade titanium and, due to the high pressure, the stone won't fall out unless put under extreme force.

A diamond symbolises wealth and sophistication and is something usually bought rarely by most of us due to the high prices. The most common form of jewellery purchased is the engagement ring, and in our ring sections, you will find plenty of choices. Being an online company, we can offer you very competitive prices for our rings with larger stones - especially the titanium tension set rings set with 0.25ct stones, all made here in the UK.

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