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The BEST Wedding Ring Information EVER on why Titanium is better than Gold

British made titanium rings

Buying UK made Wedding Rings? We have the BEST Information EVER on why a titanium wedding ring is better than gold for your wedding rings and why you should consider buying titanium jewellery rather than other precious metals?

The advantages of owning a titanium wedding ring

Consider first the benefits of owning a titanium ring. When purchasing a ring of marriage, gold is everyone's first choice and buying a titanium wedding ring sounds like a weird idea until of course, you consider the advantages. You shouldn't need to buy the first cheap wedding rings you came across and listed below are half a dozen facts that we have collated together to help make that all-important decision.

Fact 1: Skin reactions to jewellery are quite a common issue for many people. Silver is usually the worst offender for this problem; skin can flare up and turn black on some skin types. We have more details about this on our page about silver jewellery. Titanium on the other hand (lousy joke hmm!) is hypoallergenic, meaning it shouldn't react with anyone's skin, so therefore no more blackened fingers. Many people don't realise how similar silver looks to titanium, but more importantly, titanium will last as silver is a soft metal and degrades quickly.

Fact 2: Again going back to silver we all know that silver does tarnish. Titanium has anti-corrosive properties in its chemical makeup so that when it is scratched, it won't lose its colour. In fact, it works like magic by forming an oxidised surface.

Fact 3: Weight! Titanium is light, very light! In fact, it is so lightweight you may forget you are wearing a ring at all. Titanium is also unyielding too and is comparable to steel in this respect.

Fact 4: One of the most important factors to consider when buying a ring, is that of comfort on the finger. If you intend to wear a ring such as a wedding ring, the titanium rings on our website are court shaped in profile. The inner face has a slight curve to it, and the inside edge comes polished to a beautiful finish, so the ring smoothly glides onto your wedding ring finger.

Fact 5: Titanium rings are designed to last you a lifetime. You would need to apply severe abuse using specialist machinery to destroy a titanium ring. However destroying a ring is not similar to everyday wear and tear, and heavy scratching might mark the outer surface. More interestingly is the finishes on the ring - while a polished surface may turn matte over time a matte surface will, in fact, shine up. You can, of course, have the ring refinished at any time should you require this service for a small fee. After sales services are one reason as to why we suggest you purchase your titanium rings from Love2Have, as high street stockists will be unable to assist in helping you with refinishing, as the rings are imported and made abroad. Be very careful if you decide to buy from the high street. We'd love to name names, but we can't afford the legal fees. We are also aware that some of the so-called gold inlaid rings in our high streets are just thin sections of gold plating that eventually wear away.

Fact 6: Finally, why not try something different with a Love2Have branded titanium ring. We sell the real deal; high-quality titanium rings all made here in the UK, beautiful quality with eye-catching contemporary designs for both men and women. Titanium is also still looked upon as quite a new fashion, and it is never too late to make a fashion statement at your wedding reception. You can opt for a plain band, and we don't mean flat a boring. The twin finish or two-tone ranges turn's a plain ring into something special. By working up two differing finishes onto the same band, it can make the ring look far more expensive than it is, by giving the illusion of an inlay. In fact, it is just merely a polished ridge on a satin finish ring. On top of that how about an outer engraving personalised to your choice and hey presto! A unique ring, for a very particular day, at an exceptional price!

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