Celtic symbolism and design

The Celts were originally a group of tribes that discovered they had a culture that was common amongst themselves during prehistoric times, however the Romans defeated the Celts in Western Europe because of the lack of unity between the Celtic tribes which ultimately lead to their downfall. The Celts were then forced to live in the outer fringes of Europe including Ireland which is the most famous country for Celtic traditions. Celtic artwork was believed to be very symbolic often being based on nature using images of birds, animals and fish. The Celts believed firmly in the interconnections of all life and produced the familiar Celtic Knots.

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The real symbolism of Celtic designs have been lost throughout time, but the designs are still used in jewellery today and are very popular in Scottish Celtic wedding rings. The infinity knot Celtic wedding ring is very popular indeed. Geometric designs have always featured prominently in Celtic artwork with spirals, chevrons, scrolls and knot work. Many of these patterns can be seen decorating stone carvings or ancient manuscripts and religious books. Celtic artwork and design has survived through the ages and can be seen in items such as jewellery. The patterns have evolved over time, developing into very contemporary designs for consumers who like modern urban living and fashion statements.

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